Streamlining Your Journey

“The worst part of the journey, removing your belt, all your tech and all metal and neatly laying it out in two trays”

Brett Gerrett – General Manager

Recently I timed myself waking up from my alarm, working my morning routine and getting myself to LHR in under 28 minutes. Sure, I only live 8 minutes from the airport but minimising time before your flight makes the day run a lot smoother. I am fortunate enough to be able to travel quite a lot in my role and I look forward to my next flight (where others may not) I’ve shared some of my top tips with you to make your next journey run smoother!

Hand Luggage

A bag with two compartments is perfect. A hard shell cabin bag isn’t the most convenient and suitable bag for business travel because I guarantee you that your laptop is with you and your going to have to unzip the lot and grab the laptop as well as your liquids. I travel with an Aerolite bag which is half size and under £50. You can get one on Amazon, Here. There is a compartment for everything and it has enough space for 3-4 nights away and a spare pair of shoes.


Always have some spare clear bags when you are packing. The kind folks at LHR and LGW leave a big stock pile available at the security entrance so grab a few to help make your packing easier. Aswell as the essentials like toothpaste and moisturisers (which are a must by the way for re-hydrating your skin after a flight) you will probably take Perfume or Eau D’toilette. The best investment ever is a small atomiser which you can get , here. They are perfect and for under £5 you can get two and fill them with your favourite fragrances, Thanks to my wife for introducing that one.


Leave the adaptors at home and think about buying an international charger. Once you have picked up three adaptors for your laptop, phone and activity tracker you are going to start to have quite a full case. Buy a twin USB charger here in European and US styles, keep them by the door for your next trip ,it will definitely save on space and time. If you travel with a Magsafe charger then id highly recommend buying the EU or US adaptor for your charger, the chargers are quite heavy and do not really stay in the plug socket on the wall and easily pull out Get one here.


This is very much down to personal preference, however there are a lot of cards on the market offering the best FX rates and excellent savings. So far I have used Monzo , Transfer Wise and Revolut. I have to say Transfer Wise has come out on top for me. The ability to transfer funds into an account instantly opened in your name in any currency is brilliant. You no longer have to rely on the best exchange rates, but when the markets high and keep the money stored in your personal Euro, Dollar or Pound account. Find out more here. Once you have the currency it is yours and you are subject to no more fees. I’ve combined this card into my Curve Card (which also gives you excellent no fee foreign spending) and now only carry one card around. Upgrade to Curve Metal and get complimentary travel insurance, gadget insurance and discounted lounge access with LoungeKey. To find out more about Curve or to Sign up to curve card, here.

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