Top 10 travel destination trends for business travel in 2020

Everybody loves travelling and getting out of the office. Not only does it give you a break from the constant grind of a week at work but also offers rare opportunities to explore new destinations all over the world and still allow you to connect with others and find new opportunities for business. So when it comes to picking a new destination to visit on behalf of your business, here are our top 10 travel destination trend picks based on business opportunities to be had, the cost of travel and culture and what is trending going into 2020:

Top Ten Business Travel Destinations

1. Chicago

When it comes to travel destinations for business, Chicago is incomparable. This hub for Media, Tech and Trade in The Midwest has endless business opportunities. Between your meetings, the city also makes for a great tourist destination. It’s thriving arts scene , world renowned sports teams and unforgettable skyline are all a must see before your departure.

2. San Francisco

This city of tech is home for the world’s top corporate titans, and without doubt is the most forward-thinking city in the US. This makes San Francisco a must-see destination for those that work in the tech industry. From sites like Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge or even the Fisherman’s Wharf, this city has something to offer everyone is a must for a brilliant business getaway.

3. New York

New York is a classic and will always be one of the world’s top travel destinations for business. With the most powerful financial institutions, media corporations and communication agencies under its belt; there are plenty of opportunities to be had. Besides from engaging in easy networking opportunities, take your time to just stroll through central park or visit some of the world-class museums.

4. Philadelphia

Quickly making itself a champion for Bio-science, Philadelphia has made itself a must visit destination. With it’s rich history and being a national base for tourism and finance, Philadelphia has plenty to see, Liberty Bell and Independence Hall allows visitors to loose themselves in it’s history. Or if something more current is your thing, you can check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

5. Rio De Janeiro

Perhaps the most iconic city in the world, Rio de Janeiro is known for it’s wild parties, gorgeous beaches, culture and of course the famous Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the entire city. This city hosts some of the biggest corporations in South-America making it the perfect place to mix both business and pleasure.

6. Phoenix

A big player in the national conference circuit, Phoenix is a rising star for corporate travel with it’s rich art scene and strong tech industry and of course, the endless sunny weather. If you are an active person as well and enjoy an adventure in your free time, the outskirts of the city also provide great hiking trails, a great way to clear your head and maintain clarity after a trip crammed with meetings.

7. London

Historically London has always been one of the worlds many beating hearts of commerce. So it is no shock that it’s on our list, this epicentre of European commerce offers unrivalled access to business all over the world with its top multinationals. Make sure to schedule a day or two to experience the city for yourself, it’s diverse world-class collection of shops, restaurants and night life is something to really sink your teeth in.

8. Toronto

Just off of lake Ontario, Toronto plays home to one of the globe’s most diverse urban populations. A centre of financial services and manufacturing; Toronto makes for a great business destination and after you are done in your meetings, the shopping spree you are able to go on can be just as great.

9. Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the world leaders in consumer products and pharmaceuticals. It’s rich history can be experienced across the city; everything from Aztec ruins and colonial architectural gems, making this city a fantastic blend of culture and business.

10. Salt Lake City

If you are a big nature fan, Salt Lake City is a must-see destination. With it leading the way when it comes to tech and computing and the outdoor retail industry it might not also come as a surprise that’s it’s skiing, hiking and vast selection of other outdoor adventures are second to none, making for a great active holiday destination even when traveling for business.