Carbon Neutral is not the long term solution

On a day to day basis we hear how CO2 is affecting the environment, our planet and the future. So what do we do now to prevent any further damage to our climate? There isn’t a clean cut answer, although there are numerous schemes and large blue chips aiming for Net Carbon Neutral.

What is Carbon Neutral?

Its the process of removing the same amount of CO2 from the atmosphere that you or your business puts in. This could be in the form of investing in community energy schemes in 3rd world countries to buying bio fuel for a farmer in South America. An alternative way of looking at it is, say you have 3 unhealthy meals on a Saturday, maybe some fast food and try to offset the damage on Sunday by Juicing and eating salads for your 3 meals on a Sunday…. The Damage is already done.

Credit – Les Jardins

Getting your travel to Net Zero is a minefield, there are many factors you need to take into account to make the right calculations, there are some great tools based around the ICAO principles of CO2kg output. There are also some excellent offsetting programmes where you send your data monthly and the organisation calculates and provides a sustainability programme for your business. One example is through, climate care at

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