Isleworth Travel Management Integrates With Popular Messaging Clients

As part of our ongoing mission to make our client’s travel experiences seamless, we are pleased to announce we have integrated our travel services into WhatsApp® and WeChat®.

From today, all our travellers will be able to keep in touch wherever they are in the world whilst on their trip. Our clients will also be able to subscribe to localised “In destination” alerts, ensuring a multi-point duty of care approach.

Speaking on the new service, General Manager Brett Gerrett said “Travel alerts via email have been working for many years, mobile apps have also been brought in to integrate into the traveller’s user experience. You need to avoid any cross border technology bans when it comes to traveller safety and integrating our travel alerts into the two platforms, gives us a global coverage whilst sitting in the same mobile applications we use day to day.”

Using our new integrations, a simple request to either WhatsApp or WeChat, will trigger our AI processes to send you a new Itinerary or ask for a flight change direct via your Account Manager.

Gerrett goes on to say; “Being able to communicate securely with our team, using an app you already have installed, keeps us at your fingertips rather than having another app to download. This unification cements our personal service and allows our teams to be connected to you 24/7”.

WhatsApp has over 1.5 Billion users globally, with WeChat having 1 Billion. Due to national firewall restrictions in China, WhatsApp cannot be accessed while in the country. WeChat is not only a mobile messaging platform but an ecosystem primarily used in China, bringing together communications and mobile payments.

Isleworth Travel Management is an SME business travel specialist based in South West London. Specialising in spend of up to £2 Million, Isleworth Travel Management offer an offline high touch bespoke travel service.