COVID 19 | Update 16th April 2020

In these times as a country we have had to adapt to new guidance and direction from the administration. We have had to restrict the “norm” and reduce our plans down to an hour’s outdoor activity and shopping for essentials only. A lot of our commutes (including my own) have now changed the way we work and actually complement our day rather than hinder it.

Business has changed also; a lot of our clients have had to adapt to video conferencing in order to continue vital business functions whilst our operation like most businesses in the UK has moved remotely. But our operation, albeit slightly streamlined, continues to operate.

When the Covid-19 pandemic started to affect UK inbound flights, we acted quite promptly in advising clients to reschedule and return home. Our wider group operations followed suit and clients were repatriated from various countries from Europe to South America, Hong Kong to Moscow.

We have worked through the majority of customer transactions who were due to travel and have taken steps to implement temporary travel restrictions that have been invoked by policy. 

As a business that specializes in people movement, we now find ourselves with a lot of time on our hands to take stock and to debrief ourselves. We are taking this opportunity and time to tidy up our processes, streamline the customer journey and to connect with you, our clients.

The landscape focused around business travel will change; Video conferencing may dominate more within travel policies and trips will require more justification. On the other hand, this disconnect and time away from international teams may require more travel.

When the world has recovered from this pandemic, we will be here to support you and your business functions.

Brett Gerrett – General Manager