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By Isleworth Travel Management | February 26, 2020

ISLEWORTH TRAVEL MANAGEMENT TO OFFER COMPLIMENTARY CARBON OFFSETTING ON EUROPEAN ECONOMY FLIGHTS. A commitment to sustainable aviation and a respect and awareness of the needs of the environmentally-conscious traveller, and their businesses and stakeholders, are two of the foundation pillars of Isleworth Travel Management. For 2020, Isleworth Travel Management are proud to announce a partnership…

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Isleworth Travel Management Integrates With Popular Messaging Clients

By Isleworth Travel Management | February 18, 2020

As part of our ongoing mission to make our client’s travel experiences seamless, we are pleased to announce we have integrated our travel services into WhatsApp® and WeChat®.

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Carbon Neutral is not the long term solution

By Isleworth Travel Management | January 22, 2020

On a day to day basis we hear how CO2 is affecting the environment, our planet and the future. So what do we do now to prevent any further damage to our climate? There isn’t a clean cut answer, although there are numerous schemes and large blue chips aiming for Net Carbon Neutral. What is…

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Here are the top offers from Isleworth Travel management and our partners for September 2019. As a client of ours, you will already be benefiting from these offers. Not a client? Get in touch today with one of our team here.

Clearly better for business travel. Bluebiz is the corporate loyalty programme of Virgin Atlantic, Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines, Kenya Airways and other partner airlines. Join bluebiz today with us and your company will be rewarded with 50 blue credits for free. Use these credits towards flights or for offsetting your Air France / KLM Business travel.

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