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When considering a Travel Partner you want a company you can trust, rely upon and ensure you travellers’ schedule is streamlined. Once you have achieved that, you then want to ensure your partner is ensuring your budget is as cost effective as can be.There are many options on the market for booking company travel. From booking online and utilizing corporate booking tools to building a new policy and implementing it throughout your business.


The traditional travel management company agenda has always been to save your business money and to minimize the man hours in planning and comparing costs. However, in the last 10 years the market has evolved, and travel businesses are having to update their processes to keep up with the trends of new airlines and low cost alternative travel.

Our family of companies is rich in history, founded over 50 years ago, the Sunvil Group have been pioneering in the travel industry and being the first to introduce travel to unique destinations before anyone else. Rest assured that we have the knowledge and the partnerships to make your travel budget work towards your goals.


Our Travel Management initiative is simple; We put the personal service back into business travel, working as your partner in the air and on the ground. We work with businesses just like yours to deliver the cost savings and ease of process.


And when you need us we are there, 24/7, 365

Business Travel Management

Bespoke services, designed for you. Delivered with expertise by an award winning travel team.

Online Travel Booking Tools

We work with all major booking tools, and have our own to provide, should an online solution be preferred.

Duty of Care Safety & Security

In the ever changing world, traveller safety and security is more important than ever.

Group & Event Management

Let our expert groups team manage your next event, saving on valuable resources.

Business Travel Management

Our business travel services are designed to fit around your business. We understand that a "one box fits all" approach isnt sustainable, so we curate your account services to suit. This could be formed of an offline and online hybrid travel solution, an offline model or a full online account. With these three bases, we can "bolt on" various other services to your business such as an events team, 24/7 tracking or an implant team into your business. When you make an enquiry, your email will be acknowledged within 5 Minutes of receipt. Your proposed schedules will be with you in 2 hours maximum.


We serve a wide range of clients, including but not limited to the following industries:


  • Defence & Overseas Security
  • Tourism Development
  • Augmented Reality Startups
  • Finance & Commodities
  • Global Real Estate


Our SLA is consistent and doesn’t fluctuate, we respect in business, time is the most important factor. We have it covered. Our travel managers have worked with clients in a wide range of industries, which ensures your point of contact understands your business needs and is always one step ahead of you. No request is too small for our team and we are always happy to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.


Our in-office team will manage your business requirements as per your program. When UK office hours are over, don’t worry our business doesn’t stop. We operate backup procedures, so your account is covered by our out of hours team, with the same knowledge as your daily point of contact. We will make your travellers lives easier by planning their business travel and removing that challenge from their day to day activities, aswell as this our dedicated leisure team will be on hand to help them with their personal holidays providing them with the best market offers.

Online Travel Tools

Our proprietary service is based on offline travel management, with the personal touch. We also have Online tech available to your business. Our preferred online solution

compliments the benefits of personal service with the ease of mobile access. We understand that having access to travel tools on the go, allows your travellers to make quick decisions and to get approval on the road. There are many tools available on the market for enabling travel planning on the go and we are able to introduce you to a range of booking tools which may work for you. With the evolution of NDC & blockchain purchasing, there is a lot of change on the horizon for OBT's and we will aspire to remain at the front offering the best in market solutions.


Our solutions include:


  • Online Profile Management
  • Standalone Train Booking Tool
  • Flight & Accommodation Tool



We offer complimentary demos, group training and telephone support to help implement your preferred solutions as well as being on the end of the phone for you to run through any questions you may have. Our offline account management service doesn't stop though, our team of account managers are monitoring your account looking at fare checks and ensuring you have got the best options and if we are able to find a lower fare for that journey, we pass the savings onto you.


Our quarterly account reviews will allow us to look at your online transactions and to determine if you are getting the most out of your travel program and if required we can develop an action plan to change your budget goals whilst remaining in sync with your travellers.


Duty Of Care, Safety & Security

In recent years, duty of care and traveller safety has been more and more of a concern due to global tragedies and incidents, leading to a focus on lone travellers and workers who travel for business. The implementation of protocols and strict policy guidelines, means travel companies need to be more pro active in their offerings. We use a 5 pronged approach to traveller risk:


  • Traveller Tracking
  • Historic Trends
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Critical Incidents
  • Government Advice

The intelligence gathered from our approach allows us to provide risk assessments based on travel to the destinations. Which we will provide to you the travel manager on ad-hoc basis or on an automated basis with every travel approval. This means you can make an informed decision on traveller safety. We can also offer training, from one of our partners to help educate your travellers on the risk whilst travelling and how to keep themselves safe whilst out of the country.


Group & Event Management

Whether you are looking to arrange a team building event, an overseas conference for your company or to bring together your global suppliers for your Annual General Meeting we can help. We understand that any event should be representative of your brand, your ethos and your approach to business - one size does not fit all, and we will spend time with you to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of your objectives before any money is spent. We invest in our relationship and our role is to fulfil your needs, however complex these may be.


How we work:


  • A dedicated group and events manager who will meet you face-to-face to discuss your event
  • One point of contact from start to finish
  • Professional travel documentation
  • 24 hour emergency contact


Example of our event services:


  • Group air travel
  • Private aircraft charters
  • VIP private terminal services
  • Private transfers in the UK and overseas - with guide, if desired
  • Overseas representative services
  • Accommodation, entertainment and activity bookings
  • Ancillary services


Experience something better

What makes us different?

We’re a different kind of corporate travel management company – one that understands our client needs, values innovation in development and solves client problems with brilliant simplicity